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Phoenix, Arizona
May 25-29, 2017

We are selling tickets for a 400Stimulus Raffle for $50.
This is a fundraiser to help cover our operational expenses, while helping the American Blind Bowling Association grow. What's in it for you? Well of course, the prizes; which include monitary prizes of:

  • $2500
  • $2000
  • $1500
  • $1000
  • $500

The odds are pretty good because there are only 400 tickets and five (5) prizes. Your chances are better with this raffle then the lottery. Many people play the lottery and have played for years with little return. You can also win all five (5) prizes if you buy five (5) tickets; what luck that would be.

If you need tickets, please contact:

Wilbert turner
P.O. Box 99504
Cleveland, Ohio 44199
Tanya Wilson


Bowling is one of America's competitive and fun sports/activities that have been adapted to enable visually impaired and sighted friends and family members to engage in together. The rules of the game are exactly the same. Visually impaired bowlers only need just a little help from their sighted friends such as letting the bowler know what pins have been knocked down or still standing. Just a pointer or two such as you are throwing across your body and your ball went in to the left gutter or you did not reach out and your threw the ball in the right gutter. To help the visually impaired bowler walk straight, we have a guide rail which can be purchased through the American Blind Bowling Association by contacting our secretary, Rozella Campbell by phone: 248-410-2411 or email You can also ask the secretary for a starter packet to get your league registered and going.

To qualify as a blind bowling league, you need 4 legally blind individuals plus as many other bowlers as you like. Your league will need a statistician and a secretary to handle your administrative duties. One stop does it all, contact our secretary and she will provide all the information you need to get started.

Oh yes, we host an annual tournament somewhere in the US and all member leagues and individual member that chooses to get together and bowl and meet new friends. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

You can direct any questions you may have concerning starting a league to:
President Robert McDonald (773) 255-3121, or
Public Relations chair Wilbur Turner (216) 561-6864,

Here is an article recorded by Fox 31 News in Denver colorado with interviews of members of the Colorado blind bowling Association.
Blind bowling
Blind bowling (for Apple devices)

(ABBA) Bowling is a sport that has been enjoyed by many people both nationally and internationally. Since the 1940's the ABBA has enabled blind and visually impaired youths and adults to bowl alongside sighted friends and family. The development of special guide rails has made this possible.

Throughout the year tournaments are held in many locations in North America. On or around the Memorial Day weekend a National Tournament is held in a predetermined city; this event is open to all leagues and individuals who have chosen to sanction with the ABBA. At designated times during the year, there are Area Associations that sponsor tournaments in their geographic regions; they are the Eastern Blind Bowling Association (EBBA), Midwest Blind Bowling Association (MWBBA), Southeastern Blind Bowling Association (SBBA) and the Upstate New York Blind Bowling Association (UNYBBA). There are also non-sanctioned tournaments that ABBA does lend some assistance to as well.

A publication called "The Blind Bowler" is distributed three times during the bowling season (October, January and April). Articles are submitted from leagues, secretaries and individuals involved in the ABBA. The content of these articles is to inform the membership of such things as ABBA business, tournament events and standings, etc. A copy of last year's issues are listed on this site; you can view them on the Publications Page.

The American Blind Bowling Association has also been involved in developing its sport in other countries. Together with the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) bowlers from North America have participated in events hosted by other countries. Efforts are being made to establish bowling as a recognized sport in the Para-Olympic Games.

Feel free to browse this site and learn about The American Blind Bowling Association.