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Below you will find the current ABBA Bylaws, League policies, letters from our secretary as well as the ABBA newsletters.

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from the secretary

Helpful tips for league secretaries

In addition to keeping records of league bowling and team standings, the following requirements apply to member leagues of the American Blind Bowling Association,Inc. (ABBA). Leagues that are members of Area Associations or USBC may have additional reporting requirements.

    The ABBA Secretary-Treasurer sends a packet in early August containing all forms needed, a welcome letter, list of ABBA officers and committees, average book, and Blind Bowler Survey.
    1. All League Secretaries send Blind Bowler Survey to the editor with information formats for league member's needs, large print, CD, e-mail or Braille.
    2. League secretaries complete membership form with required information and return to the Area Association Secretary (Midwest, SBBA, ). Those leagues that NOT part of an Area Association, send forms to the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer. Forms should include: league president and league secretary name and addresse clearly written so they can be added to the mailing list. Include the ID number for any ABBA life member in the league. Make check payable to your Area Association for the total amount due. Area Association secretary will submit the information and proper amount to ABBA. The membership cards will be mailed to league secretaries by the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer after they are processed. If membership cards are not received (30) days after form was submitted, contact the Secretary/Treasurer.
    3. Award forms included in the packet from ABBA. When a bowler is eligible for an award, complete the form and e-mail or mail it to the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer within 30 days of the game bowled. On the form you must indicate if the bowler wants the award now or held. (patches will not be held only medals) until end of season, unless you specify the date your season ends, awards will be mailed before the May Convention.


    After your original membership form is mailed and a new bowler joins, complete the supplemental form which is sent to the Area Association Secretary just like the original. Make check payable to the Area Association, not ABBA. Only those leagues that are NOT part of an Area Association should send them to the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer. The Blind Bowler newsletter is mailed in the formats requested.

  • NOVEMBER: The Tournament Director sends Mail-o-graphic forms to league secretaries. Form must be filled out and mailed back to the Tournament Director with the names of the bowlers participating. Include a check made payable to the ABBA Tournament Fund.. The midyear meeting is held in the same city where the May national tournament is scheduled. ABBA Secretary-Treasurer will mail forms to league secretaries for delegates who will be voting at the meeting. No duplicates will be issued .
  • JANUARY: All bowlers who wish to bowl in national tournament must be ABBA members by January 15th. The Blind Bowler newsletter is mailed in the formats requested.
  • FEBRUARY: The ABBA Tournament Director mails entry forms and information for the National Tournament.
  • APRIL: The Blind Bowler newsletter is mailed in the formats requested.
  • MAY: Packets sent from ABBA Secretary-Treasurer to league secretaries containing the year-end report form. This must be completed listing all bowlers, total number of pins for the year, the number of games bowled and their averages. Form must be returned to the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer postmarked or e-mailed before June 15th.

    Letters will be sent requiring information on the league representative and delegate. These will receive a credential ad delegate dot on their badge to be picked up at registration. Bowlers are asked to bring back their badge holders for the following year to save costs or the league secretary can collect them.

The ABBA Secretary-Treasurer Sends (2) patches from the ABBA for the most improved (visually impaired) and (sighted) bowler.

SPECIAL MAILINGS: These may be sent occasionally by an ABBA officer or committee during the year and should be communicated to league bowlers so they are kept informed, Secretaries, PLEASE PASS ON INFORMATION TO LEAGUE MEMBERS!!!!!!

Guiderail information:

Association/Sanctioned Tournament Rental = $3.50 per rail + $252 security deposit, (returned if guiderails are not damaged)

Non Association = $280 security deposit + the cost of shipping

Purchase of guiderails

ABBA members (1) 12 ft & extension = $252 plus the cost of shipping.

Non ABBA members (1) 12ft @ extension = $280 + the cost of shipping.

(shipping will be determined by the number of rails ordered.) If funds become available, the cost per member will be reduced.

Bowling rail order form

Challenged Athletes Fund

This is a fund that any person or league may apply for to go to tournaments or get necessary equipment for their league.
CAF information