A-1 Area Association Membership Applications Adopted November 16, 1991, Amended November 21, 2015 League membership applications which are sent to the area associations must be forwarded to the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer no later than seven (7) days after receipt.

A-2 Area Association Invite Bowlers Outside Area Adopted November 2005 The Area Associations may invite bowlers outside of their area however these bowlers shall have no vote outside of their own association. To be an associate member you need to pay the entry fee, but have no vote.

B-1 "Blind Bowler" Information about Tournaments Adopted May 26, 1991 Information concerning all ABBA certified tournaments must be published in "The Blind Bowler." Information concerning non-certified tournaments, including prize lists, must not be published; however, dates and place of non-certified tournaments may be published in "The Blind Bowler in the Calendar of Events to promote blind bowling.

B-2 "Blind Bowler" Survey Adopted May 29, 1993 Only one print copy of "The Blind Bowler" will be mailed to those ABBA leagues that do not return "The Blind Bowler" survey to the Editor.

B-3 "Blind Bowler" Minutes Adopted May 24, 1998 The minutes of the ABBA Board of Directors and the Annual Convention shall not be published in the Blind Bowler.

B-4 "Blind Bowler" Editor Dates Adopted May 29, 2011; Amended November 17, 2012, November 19, 2016 Articles for each issue are due to the Editor by Sept. 15th, Dec. 15th, and March 15th. After review by the Public Relations Committee the Issue should be sent to the printer by the first of the following month. Barring delays from the printer all issues in all formats should be sent to the membership by the 15th of the corresponding month.

B-5 Bank Accounts and EIN Adopted November 21, 2015 All ABBA member leagues covered by ABBA's 501c3 umbrella and Host Committees must establish and maintain a bank account to track income and expenses. In addition, an EIN (Employer Identification Number) must be obtained through the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). These guidelines are part of IRS codes for 501c3 nonprofit organizations. Leagues can maintain the funds in their own account as long as separate records are maintained.

C-1 Checks Returned for Insufficient Funds Adopted May 29, 1993, Amended November 21, 2015. Any payments that are submitted to the ABBA that are returned for insufficient funds must be reissued along with any bank processing fees and a $25 ABBA returned check fee. Payment including fees must be verified by December 15th in order to compete in the Mail-O-Graphic Tournament and April 15th to compete in the National Championship Tournament.

C-2 Complimentary Hotel Rooms Adopted May 25, 1986: Amended May 29, 1994; May 26, 2002, May 29, 2011; November 22, 2014 The complimentary hotel rooms during the National Tournament shall be provided for the President, Secretary-Treasurer and the Tournament Director. Additional complimentary rooms will be paid by the general fund for the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. The President shall also be entitled to a parlor. If any of the above people do not use their room for any reason, the comp room thus freed up shall be assigned at the discretion of the host committee, along with any additional complimentary rooms granted by the hotel.

C-3 Credentials for Board Meetings Adopted November 20, 1993 Leagues must submit membership applications by November 10 to have their directors vote at the midyear board meeting. All Directors must have proper credentials.

C-4 Compensation for Services to ABBA Adopted November 19, 2016 The following positions; Secretary-Treasurer, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Tournament Director, Assistants to the Tournament Director, Web Master, Editor of the "Blind Bowler" and the Rail Manager may receive compensation for services rendered to ABBA. Compensation amounts are determined at the Midyear Board Meeting by the Board of Directors.

D-1 Debate on Motions Adopted: Nov. 22, 1997 For all meetings of the Board of Directors and for the Annual Convention of the American Blind Bowling Association, unless extended by unanimous consent or by two-thirds vote of all persons present and voting, debate on all motions shall be limited to a twenty (20) minutes divided equally between those for and those against adoption, and no person may speak in debate more than a total of three minutes.

E-1 Eye Reports Required Adopted May 25, 1986: Amended May 29, 1994 The Rules Interpretation and Enforcement Committee shall evaluate visual status only after the league has made a decision and a written request for change in visual status has been received by the Committee. ABBA requires a recent eye report for any person claiming a change in visual status during the bowling season from sighted to legally blind or from partially sighted to totally blind.

E-2 Executive Board Adopted November 19,2016 It is the policy of The American Blind Bowling Association that an "Executive Board" consists of the officers. The Executive Board is the governing body of the Association between meetings of the Board of Directors. The Executive Board shall:

F-1 Free Matter Mailing Adopted May 26, 1991 All award applications, membership applications, Mail-O-Graphic Tournament and National Tournament applications and year-end reports must be sent by first class mail. No free matter will be accepted.

F-2 Fund-raising Activities Adopted November 20, 1993 Only current and future host committees may offer items for sale at the midyear meeting or National Tournament.

F-3 Financial Reports From Member Leagues Adopted November 20, 2010; Amended November 19, 2011 Any league affiliated with ABBA that is covered by the ABBA income tax exemption that obtains fund raising in excess of $5,000 in a fiscal year must send a copy of IRS Form 990 to the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer within the time limit set by the Secretary-Treasurer. Any league that conducts raffles or other fund-raising activities in excess of $1,000 must submit a copy of the guidelines for these fund-raising activities to the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer. This applies to leagues covered under ABBA's 501(c3) tax-exempt status but this requirement does not apply to league prize money.

F-4 Financial Institution Requirement Adopted November 22, 2014 When possible, all funds of the American Blind Bowling Association must be kept in national association banks.

L-1 League Average Reports Adopted May 29, 1993: Amended November 19, 1994, Amended November 22, 2009, Amended May 23, 2014; November 22, 2014 The final league average reports and gold medal applications must be postmarked or emailed no later than June 15 or they will not be accepted as being submitted on time. Any league secretary who does not file the league average report on time shall be subject to a penalty of $10. The ABBA Secretary-Treasurer would enforce this fine; if it is not paid, the secretary cannot become an ABBA member the following season until the fine is paid.

L-2 Leagues called Associations Adopted November 16, 1991 ABBA will not call a league an association even though locally the bowlers use the term "association."

L-3 League Prizes Adopted December 7, 1985 The league treasurer must distribute all prizes within twenty-one (21) days after completion of the season unless the league has set a banquet date for prize distribution.

L-4 Local Tournament Financial Reports Adopted November 16, 1991 The ABBA By-laws require that ABBA certified tournaments must furnish to the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer a financial report no later than forty-five (45) days after the tournament. This report must show that all money collected for prizes is returned 100% to the prize winners. The expenditures from the tournament expense fees must be itemized. The amount designated as miscellaneous must not exceed $50.00. Funds not collected from tournament entrants need not be reported. Any profit from entry fees must be held in reserve for future tournaments. If the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer finds the report unsatisfactory, the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the report must request in detail what corrections need to be made. The certified tournament manager must respond within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the letter from the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer. ABBA shall assist the managers of certified tournaments in preparing satisfactory financial reports.

M-1 Midyear Meeting Attendance Adopted November 19, 1988 The chairperson of each committee shall take a roll call at the end of the committee report to determine who is present. Committee members who are not present shall not be paid travel expenses.

M-2 Minutes of ABBA Meetings: Adopted November 20, 1993, Amended November 21, 2015. Minutes of ABBA meetings are available electronically upon request.

M-3 "Masters Tournament Management" Adopted November 23, 1996 The Tournament Director or a person selected by the Tournament Director with the consent of the National Tournament Committee shall be in charge of the Masters Tournament. This person must be at the lanes at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled starting time for bowling, must be available throughout the tournament and must remain at the bowling center at least ten (10) minutes after all bowling is completed. The person in charge shall be responsible for determining all substitutions and any changes in lane assignments. This person may not bowl in the Masters Tournament. The squad shall begin on time except in case of an emergency. Any delays in starting times must be announced on the public address system at the lanes no later the five (5) minutes after the scheduled starting time.

N-1 National Tournament Arrangements Adopted November 18, 1989 Effective August 1 of the year prior to the next scheduled American Blind Bowling Association Championship Tournament the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer shall be the primary ABBA officer who shall make arrangements with hotel management for the November Board of Directors meeting and for the time of the Annual Convention and the ABBA Championship Tournament: The Tournament Director shall be responsible for making arrangements with the management of the bowling center or centers which shall be used for the Tournament. The Chairman of the National Tournament Committee shall be the official person representing ABBA dealing with the host committee. These three persons shall keep the ABBA President and each other informed as to the progress in planning.

N-2 National Tournament Rail Inventory Adopted November 19, 1994 Each year prior to the host group receiving cases and guide rails an inventory is to be written and sent to the host group. Keys to all rail cases are to be sent to the host group prior to the shipping of the rails. The Tournament Director or one of the Tournament Director's assistants is responsible for these duties. This shall continue without a time limit.

P-1 Payment Outside the United States Adopted May 29, 1993 Any league or individual who is submitting fees for either membership or tournaments to the ABBA which is outside the United States must submit these fees in the form of a postal money order in US funds.

P-2 Personal Checks Adopted November 15, 1986 All league membership checks to ABBA must be from a league account or from an account of a sponsoring organization, or payment may be made by a money order or certified check. ABBA will no longer accept personal checks for league memberships.

R-1 Refunds of Team Event Prize Fee Adopted May 26, 1991 Any person who wishes to be placed on a four-person team in the National Tournament who cannot be placed on a team and who bowls the nine games for all events will receive a refund of the team event prize fee.

R-2 Renewal of League Membership Adopted May 29, 1994; Amended June 1, 2013 In the absence of a league rule, regarding renewal of league membership, the league board of directors by a two-thirds (2/3) vote taken at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of the league bowling schedule may deny a bowler renewal of league membership. Except for persons expelled or suspended from ABBA membership, ABBA shall not interfere with a league's right to determine who may bowl with the league.

R-3 Resolution/Policy Statement Deadline Adopted November 21, 1992; Amended May 29, 2011 For both the Annual Convention and all meetings of the Board of Directors, all resolutions to be considered under new business must be presented in writing to the President or to the Secretary-Treasurer prior to the scheduled starting time of the meeting.

Article V, Sec. 12 states management of ABBA is vested in the Board of Directors which may establish policy statements. Amendments must be presented in writing prior to a Board meeting; a majority vote is required to pass. R-4 Rail Rental for Local Tournaments Adopted May 26, 2001 The Area Association tournaments shall be given preference in securing the rental guide rails in the possession of the American Blind Bowling Association. After the area associations have obtained the number of rails needed for their tournaments, preference shall be given to the tournaments that received the rental rails the previous bowling season. Should there be a conflict; preference shall be given to the tournaments with the most number of previous tournaments certified by ABBA. Next the rails may be rented by ABBA certified tournaments that did not rent the rails during the previous bowling season. Finally, the rails may be rented to uncertified tournaments that did not rent the rails during the previous bowling season in the order the requests for renting the rails have been received by the ABBA Secretary-Treasurer. Local tournaments have the option to certify or not certify with ABBA.

R-5 Rail Prices Adopted November 2003; Amended November 2007 When new rails are sold to a person or organization that does not belong to ABBA, the full cost of shipping will be passed on to the buyers; a discount of $10.00 shall be given to the ABBA league for the 12 foot rail and a $5.00 discount for an extension depending upon the price of the rail at the time.

R-6 Rail Rental Certified Tournament - Charge Security Deposit Adopted November 2007, Amended November 2008 Charge a security deposit equal to the purchase price of one rail when renting rails for a certified tournament. Non-certified tournaments must pay a $100 security deposit plus shipping to and from the tournament. Checks will be held in escrow until the rails are returned to the person in charge. If there is no damage to the rail the check is returned. A member of the association should be responsible for the rails when they are sent and when they are returned. This will be effective immediately.

S-1 Smoking at Meetings Adopted November 20, 1993 No smoking is permitted in the meeting room for all Board of Directors meetings and for the Annual Convention.

S-2 Suspended Bowlers Adopted May 28, 1989 The names of all persons suspended from ABBA will appear in the back of the ABBA Average Book.

T-1 Time Limit for Standing Committee Reports Adopted November 15, 1986 For all meetings of the ABBA and the Board of Directors, the report of the Tournament Committee shall be limited to Fifteen (15) minutes, and all other committee reports shall be limited to ten (10) minutes each. This time limit may be extended by unanimous consent or by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all persons present and voting.

T-2 Time Limit of Host Committee Reports Adopted December 7, 1985 For the midyear meeting of the ABBA Board of Directors, the presentation of the current host committee shall be limited to one-half (1/2) hour and fifteen (15) minutes for discussion. The host committee for the next year shall be limited to ten (10) minutes and five (5) minutes for discussion.

T-3 Tournament Rule Changes Adopted May 24, 1987 All tournament rule changes must be presented in the exact wording that will appear in the printed set of tournament rules.

T-4 Travel Expenses Adopted May 24, 1987; Amended November 21, 1992; May 29, 1994; November 19. 1994; May 27, 2001; November 19, 2005, May 24, 2009; November 19, 2011; June 1, 2013; November 22, 2014, November 21, 2015; May 28, 2017. All active Past Presidents and the following committee members will include: Finance Committee, Rules Interpretation & Enforcement Committee, Legislative Committee, Public Relations Committee and National Tournament Committee will receive compensation for the annual autumn meeting. All committee chairs and committee members who attend their committee meeting at the midyear meeting shall receive a flat rate of $200. The National Tournament Committee chairperson, 2nd Vice-President. 1st Vice-President and President will each receive $200 and up to three nights compensated room. The National Secretary-Treasurer and National Tournament Director will each receive 100% allowable compensation. The ABBA Secretary-Treasurer and the Tournament Director are to be compensated for full allowable travel expenses plus $200, and the Assistant Secretary is to be paid full allowable travel expense plus $150 attending the ABBA National tournament and annual convention.

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